Wheels Spacers - How they work and what to look for!

Wheel Spacers Wheel spac ers are commonly used to improve the stance/looks of a vehicle by bringing the wheels further out towards the arch. They are also used when the wheel is 'touching' an inner suspension component. Different types of wheel spacers Wheel Spacer Shims  Wheel spacer shims are most commonly used to to...

ME221 ECU Dyno Sheet

Plug-n-Play ECU's for MX5's

To view our range of ME221 ECU's click here The ME221 ECU is a true plug-n-play ECU available for 1989 - 2005 Mazda MX5's. We use it mostly for turbo applications but it can also be used to tune naturally aspirated MX5's. Before the ME221 was released the only other option designed solely for the MX5 was the MegaSquirt ECU. It was...

Choosing the Correct Wheel Size

Choosing the Correct Wheel Size

Choosing the correct wheel size Getting the correct wheel size for you car is extremely important. You want your wheels to be a straight fit with little to no modifications needed. Most of us know what diameter means when talking about wheels, so we'll start with that and get it out of the way. 1. Wheel Size/Diameter First make sure you select the...