Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class AMG C219 (2004 - 2010)
fit with 18"  JR 9JR 8JR

Wheel Brand JR

Wheel Model 9JR 8JR

Wheel Specifications

Front: 18"  8.5J   ET35

Rear: 18"  9J   ET40

Spacers front: yes

front Spacers Size: 6

Spacers rear: yes

Rear Spacers Size: 16

Arch roll required in front?:No

Arch roll required in rear?: no

Suspension: Factory/Stock

Any rubbing or scrubing?:No

Tyre brand & model:PIRELLI P7 RUN FLAT 275/40/18 PIRELLI P7 245/40/18


Rear: 275/40/18

Listed By:MSP


Do go below 6MM in the front , neither above 10MM, just need anought to clear calipers

Do 18" 8.5J ET35 front and 18" 9J ET40 rear wheels fit a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class AMG C219 (2004 - 2010)?

Yes they do!

This Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class AMG C219 (2004 - 2010) is running JR 9JR 8JR wheels in 18" 8.5J ET35 front and 18" 9J ET40 rear 245/40/18 with tyres front and 275/40/18 tyres rear.

This car has 16 MM spacers in the front and 16MM spacers in the rear. No rubbing or scrubing. No arch roll required front. no arch roll required rear.

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