BMW 4 Series YEAR
fit with 20"  Aftermarket 825M

Wheel Brand Aftermarket

Wheel Model 825M

Wheel Specifications

Front: 20"  8.5J   ET25

Rear: 20"  9.5J   ET42

Spacers front: no

Spacers rear: no

Arch roll required in front?:No

Arch roll required in rear?: no

Suspension: Factory/Stock

Any rubbing or scrubing?:None

Tyre brand & model:Hankook S1Evo3


Rear: 255/35/20

Listed By:JP


Hankook S1Evo3 are very comfy but do not have rim protectors as advertised and therefore the wheels (which also seem thick to be fair) do not sit flush or recessed. The rears overlap the 255 tyres by 1-2 mm, it is unsightly unless one is into the overstre

Do 20" 8.5J ET25 front and 20" 9.5J ET42 rear wheels fit a BMW 4 Series YEAR?

Yes they do!

This BMW 4 Series YEAR is running Aftermarket 825M wheels in 20" 8.5J ET25 front and 20" 9.5J ET42 rear 245/35/20 with tyres front and 255/35/20 tyres rear.

This car has no spacers in the front and no spacers in the rear.None rubbing or scrubing. No arch roll required front. no arch roll required rear.

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