Choosing the Correct Wheel Size

Choosing the Correct Wheel Size

Choosing the correct wheel size

Getting the correct wheel size for you car is extremely important. You want your wheels to be a straight fit with little to no modifications needed.

Most of us know what diameter means when talking about wheels, so we'll start with that and get it out of the way.

1. Wheel Size/Diameter

First make sure you select the right diameter wheel. This is one of the most important factors. Too small, and it wont fit over your brakes, too big and they will scrape off your fenders.

You can find out the size of your current wheels by checking your tyres. They will say either 15R/16R/17R/18R/19R or 20R. This is the diamter of your wheel, it's in big writing on your tyre, you can't miss it.

Tip To find out what wheel size are currently on your car, check the tyre. It will have the diameter of the wheel wrote on it. 195/65/R16 (The R16 stands for 16")

2. Wheel Fitment

Wheel fitment also known as PCD varies from car to car. Some cars have 4 bolt holes and some have 5. When getting a set of wheels you need to make sure the wheels you are buying are the same fitment as your car.

You can easily check what fitment you need for your car by clicking here and selecting Make Model and Year of car.

3. Wheel Width

Wheel width is pretty straight-forward, wheels come in widths from 6" wide up to 15" wide.

When buying new wheels, widths are measured in J. J is actually the shape of the wheel, but it's common practice to just go by this for the width as well.

Here's an example of different widths:

A 6J wheel is 6" wide, a 7J wheel is 7" wide, a 8J wheel is 8" wide..

When getting wheels for your car, if they are two wide, they will stick out past the fenders. If your not sure of the wheel width you need, call us on 085 862 9889.

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