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ME221 ECU Dyno Sheet

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The ME221 ECU is a true plug-n-play ECU available for 1989 - 2005 Mazda MX5's.

We use it mostly for turbo applications but it can also be used to tune naturally aspirated MX5's.

Before the ME221 was released the only other option designed solely for the MX5 was the MegaSquirt ECU. It was harder to come by and wasn't truly plug and play. The ME221 can be taken out of the box and plugged straight into your MX5.

The ME221 has some awesome features

  • Run any type of high impedance injectors
  • DSP Knock Control
  • Anti-lag
  • Launch Control

Use it straight away

You'll receive a link after you order your ECU where you can download base-maps and install them on your ECU. There's plenty of setups for an array of different turbo's and injectors. You'll be able to get your car running before bringing it to your tuner for it's final tune.

Loading base-maps is simple

Download MEITE tuning studio (Free) and then connect your ECU to your computer using an FTDI serial cable, from there you can install the base-maps you downloaded online. (Basemap download link on bottom of page)

Most tuners will tune your ME221

Due to the software being free, your tuner should be more than happy to tune your MX5 running an ME221 ECU. It uses 16x16 Fuel and Ignition Tables (with dual table switching) with VE based fuelling algorithm.

We've recently sponsored a past customer James Tubridy. He's running an ME221 ECU supplied by us. Checkout his dyno sheet below on his first tune. Tuned by West Coast Performance


Q: How do I install the ECU in the car?

Q: How do I load a base-map?

A: Download the required base-map from the link we've provided you with, then download the MEITE tuning studio by clicking here. Then plug your ECU into your PC using an FTDI serial cable (These can be purchased from us). From there you can install your base-map onto your ECU. (Basemap download link on bottom of page)

Q: What do I need to use launch control and anti-lag?

A: As well as the ECU you will also need to purchase an inline boost controller. This allows your ECU to completely control your boost levels and gives you the ability to use launch control and anti-lag.

Q: I want to use this on a naturally aspirated engine, will it work?

A: We have had customers use this previously on naturally aspirated MX5's with success. The gains will be much less than that of a turbo application but there is no issue in doing this.

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Calibrations/Base-map downloads:


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