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OEMS Wheels

$918 (Inc VAT) $1,129  
5x120, 5x112, Silver

OEMS Wheels the worlds first monoblock wheels not to use a structural inner ridge similar to forged wheels.

This revolutionary process uses the very latest technology in monoblock wheel manufacture and still conforms to strict VIA and JWL safety standards.

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$722 (Inc VAT)  
5x120, 5x112, 5x100, Silver

$918 (Inc VAT)  
5x112, 5x120, Silver

$850 (Inc VAT)  
5x120, 5x112, Black, Grey

$888 (Inc VAT)  
5x112, 5x100, Silver

XXR's styles, fitment, and designs reflect our passion and allows us to truly enjoy our rides. XXR Wheels is now THE standard when it comes to quality, fitment, design, and affordability. The attention to all four of these elements equally defines who XXR are.

$823 (Inc VAT)  
5x112, 5x120, Black, Grey

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